Mechanical HVAC Services

We have a team of knowledgeable consul- tants who can give you advice regarding your commercial air conditioning needs. They provide highly efficient solutions that deliver long-term results and the best value for your investment. Our consultants are happy to design a tailor-made system that satisfies your specifications.

Our Projects Includes

  • Industrial & commercial markets
  • New office fit outs & refurbishment
  • Chiller upgrades, DX plants, chilled water
  • Water cooled package units
  • Aircooled package units
  • Computer Rooms
  • Cooling tower upgrades
  • Condenser water upgrades
  • Mechanical Switchboard upgrade
  • Building Management Systems
  • Toilet, Garbage & Supply fan installations
  • Variable speed drives

Electrical Services


Our Trained Electricians are prepared to perform new construction, routine or emergency maintenance and can design, construct and troubleshoot installations of all sizes and complexities.


We offer a full range of services across the entire life-cycle of your plant under one roof.

  • Bar Code Systems
  • Batching (Powders and Liquids)
  • Data Collection
  • Inventory Management
  • Liquid Pumping and Metering
  • Mixing and Blending
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems (All Types)
  • Process Systems
  • Recipe Management and Implementation
  • Report Generation
  • HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • DCS Integration/Communication
  • Automatic Weighing

Plumbing Services


Our engineers have extensive experience designing mep systems for new construction and renovations and upgrades to existing mep systems. The combined professional project experience of our team covers a wide spectrum of specialized knowledge and includes schools, laboratories, offices, residential buildings, warehouses, Malls, computer centers, manufacturing and governmental projects.


We utilize a unique team approach, encour- aging input from all parties involved in the project throughout the life of the project. As a result, we develop a clearer understand- ing of the intent of the project to complete a better, more efficient design.

Not only has our team completed designs for new buildings, but we have completed comprehensive services for existing systems such as:

  • Testing and balancing
  • Control system review
  • Maintenance programs
  • System upgrades
  • Evaluations